Cycle Show at Alexandra Palace 2022 Time-lapse

8 Day Timelapse Project

Last week we installed a Timelapse camera at the Alexandra palace to document the Cycle show 2022. The Time-lapse camera documented the entire show, from the build to the re-rig.

The video shows the great footfall at the event and will be a great asset when trying to sell event space for future events.

All of the images where uploaded to our server throughout the project allowing us to monitor the Time-lapse camera remotely.

The Time-Lapse camera captured images at a 1 minute interval from 7AM – 8PM.

Our low powered system allows us to power the Timelapse camera from a battery bank for the duration of the project. This allowed us to mount it in an elevate location where power was not accessible.

Checkout the video below!

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