Why Choose Us?

There are many options when choosing a Time-lapse camera for your project so why choose us?

Remote access / Monitoring / ControlĀ 

We will never be able to compete with “We are going to use a Gopro” type of client but they always come back. They put the camera up on day 1 and by day 7 its either crashed, run out of storage or been unplugged. As there is no way of monitoring it, they don’t find out they have lost the footage until it is too late!

All of our Time-lapse cameras have a 4G module built in linking them to the cloud. There are many benefits to this, it allows us to keep track of the cameras status. If there is an issue for example, the power has gone down due to being unplugged. Then we can fix it as quickly as possible to reduce downtime.

It allows us to have access to the files from the camera without physically having to touch the camera, this is especially helpful due to the location that the Timelapse cameras are normally located.

You only get one take at capturing your project. We take pride in making sure that our cameras run flawlessly and have a great support team monitoring them.

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